Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dr. Barb's Top Five - Tips on Choosing High Quality Sunglasses

1.  UV 400 treatment
2.  Polarized lenses
3.  Anti-glare coating on the back surface of the lens
4.  Lenses with a selective blue filter
5.  Sunglasses that have a full coverage fit

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  1. Very much agree with you regarding the advantages of polarized sunglasses. Wearing prescription sunglasses may increase the cost of those glasses, but generally in my experience I find that most sunglasses are available on prescription and with the advent of the internet it has never been cheaper. I found the advice on the Vision Express website really informative when I was deciding my latest pair. You can choose lenses around your requirements for the glasses (eg skiing, water sports), secondly they have a 'try on sunglasses online' feature so you can see whether your prospective new glasses suite you. Check it out before ordering!