Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Recipe for Healthy Eyes

A Recipe for Healthy Eyes

Today, patients are more aware than ever about diet and health issues. But they sometimes don’t make the connection between disease and nutrition. As eye care professionals, we have a responsibility to give patients straightforward information on nutrition and its impact on eye health, as well as the prevention and treatment of eye disease.

Emphasizing ocular nutrition as part of a patient's regular eye care makes perfect practice sense! As patients become more aware of eye health, we have found they are more likely to recognize the importance of regular optometric care. And that’s a bottom line boost for your practice and for patient health! Being a trusted source of information on nutrition and eye care sets your practice apart and makes you a total eye health provider.

The team that brought you the top-selling Eyefoods book has prepared an exciting new health education series that makes it easy to continue the ocular nutrition conversation with your patients. Recipes for Healthy Eyes is an attractive and informative series that explains the science of eye health and the importance of good nutrition.

Each full colour publication includes:
• Up-to-date research on nutrition and eye health
• Easy to understand facts and figures • Eye-care advice for patients
• The inside scoop on ocular nutrition superfoods
• Unique, tasty, and easy to prepare recipes that patients will appreciate
• Hints on how to shop for and prepare eyefoods that won’t break the bank

Be a nutritional straight shooter and join the Eyefoods eye health information network! Share this email with colleagues or friends who may be interested in this topic. They can email us at to subscribe.

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