Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tropical Post Run Smoothie

Exercise, Then Drink This!

This simple and  refreshing treat is packed with eye nutrients. The combination of leafy greens and fruit are a great source of lutein, zeaxanthin and vitamin C!

In addition to feeding your eyes, the coconut water in this recipe will replenish your body with much needed electrolytes after a summer run or workout. 


3/4 Cup Frozen Diced Mango
1/4 Cup Frozen Pineapple Chunks 
1 Cup Spinach or Kale 
1 Cup Coconut Water

Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend and enjoy! 


  1. Great recipe! I think this with this recipe, it will be easy for kids to get the nutrients they need to maintain a healthy vision. Similarly, I have recently posted a smoothie recipe on my blog consisting of carrot, kale, orange, banana, kiwi, honey and water. Although the colour of the smoothie may not be too appetising, I thought it tasted delicious and the food I used contains many eye nutrients which is a bonus!

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