Thursday, December 24, 2015

Did You Know: Turkey Breast

Did you know turkey breast is a fantastic source of zinc and vitamin E.  
  •            Two important eye nutrients and antioxidants.
  •       The Eyefoods plan recommends eating turkey breast every week – no need to save it for Thanksgiving!


Zinc is an essential trace mineral that exists in every cell of our bodies. It supports our immune system and the healing process.  Zinc also encourages normal growth and development during pregnancy, childhood and adolescence.

For our eye health, zinc helps to mobilize antioxidants from our liver to the retina.  It also has been shown to decrease the risk of AMD.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant found in fruit and also in oils, nuts, eggs and fortified cereals.

Vitamin E in addition to other antioxidants may decrease the risk of cataracts and AMD. It has also been shown to protect the body against cancer and cardiovascular system.

Eyefoods Tips:
  •            Use turkey breasts instead of chicken breasts. The zinc content is much higher in turkey.
  •       Use ground turkey instead of ground beef for eye healthy hamburgers, meatballs, or chili.

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