Saturday, March 26, 2011

Eyefoods - The Beginning

Two optometrist friends with an idea.

To create a system to educate people on the benefits of nutrition and eye health. The system will be based on the results of scientific studies. It will be presented in a format that is visually appealing, simple to follow and user friendly.

That was the goal that we set for ourselves at our very first meeting - and we went back to it many times along the road to remind ourselves of the purpose of our "project" and to keep us on track when the road ahead of us seemed so long.

The work involved in the first few months of the Eyefoods project was not very glamourous or exciting. We each spent countless hours examining all of the research that had been published on eye disease and nutrition - and believe me, there were a lot of studies to read, and summarize! We both felt like we were back in school, giving each other homework with deadlines. It felt like it would never end,(and our husbands thought we were crazy), however, after a long summer we had met our first goal. We had summarized all of the important studies and had created a list of the most important nutrients to reduce the risk of each eye disease.

I can remember that day clearly, the day we looked at our summaries and set our "Target Nutrients". This would form the basis of The Eyefoods Plan. It was a big step for us and led us to our next task. Find the foods that contained high amounts of the target nutrients. We were excited about this part of the project because we both loved food - now it shouldn't feel like homework anymore.

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