Sunday, March 27, 2011

Eyefoods-The Foods

Green vegetables, orange vegetables, red vegetables, fruit, meat, fish.......

The list went on to include many more categories and over 300 whole foods that we researched. The goal was to determine which foods stood out with the highest content of our "target nutrients", which we had now aptly named "eye nutrients".

And the winner is......


We had a sneaky suspicion that kale would top the list of our foods, but this project confirmed it. And this would lead to our love affair with kale - kale chips, kale salad, kale brownies....I'm sure Dr. Barb will add to this list and I'm sure she has many more ideas with kale up her sleeve. (And by the way, thank you Chris and Kris for being good sports in all of the experiments with Kale.)

As great as kale is, it isn't the only food that we found to be full of eye nutrients. Actually we found 13 categories of food that will help support eye health. This was a great discovery for us as it would allow us to create some delicious recipes and meals loaded with eye nutrients. However, before we could spend all of our time creating recipes and meal plans, we had to rate our foods. Which ones would make the cut?

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