Thursday, June 9, 2011

Eyefoods Update

We're back to blogging!  Our new Locations page is up on the website.  It can be accessed from our home page with a listing of all the locations where the Eyefoods book can be purchased.  It's been a busy 2 months as we've been traveling across Ontario spreading the message of Eyefoods and introducing the book to other optometrists at various conferences.  If you check out the Locations page, you'll see that many optometrists across the province have Eyefoods available for their patients and the public to purchase.  We appreciate the support from our colleagues and we're all having a great time spreading the message of the importance of nutrition and lifestyle in the prevention of eye disease.

Remember, visit your optometrists regularly.  At least every 1-2 years if you don't have any eye health problems and more frequently if you have an eye condition or are at risk of an eye condition.

Stay tuned to further blogs - Dr. Laurie's List, Dr. Barb's Top Five and the Grocery List Eyefoods Challenge are to come.....

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