Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Eyefoods Plan

How much kale can one person actually eat in a week? Kale is such a powerful eyefood that it is tempting to include it in every one of our eyefood recipes and meals. In fact, if you made a point of eating kale every day you would be nourishing your body with a high amount of lutein, a very powerful eye nutrient. However, we wanted the eyefoods plan to offer enough variety that it could be followed for a lifetime.

Dr. Barb and I are quite passionate about nutrition, both for ourselves and our families. For us, eating kale every day actually sounded like a great challenge. However, our husbands, Kris and Chris, reminded us that eating, even healthy eating, should be fun. And fun includes variety. So, thank you, Kris and Chris for inspiring us to develop a plan that every person will enjoy following - and that doesn't make you eat kale everyday.(Although we'd love it if you did!)

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