Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dr. Barb's Top Five Ways to Prepare Eggs

Eggs are an important Eyefood because egg yolks contain lutein that is readily absorbed by the body.   Eggs are also high in vitamin E, and omega-3 eggs contain DHA - all important eye nutrients.

The Eyefoods Plan recommends eating 2 eggs twice per week.  Dr. Barb offers up some inspiration for you as she shares her top five ways to prepare eggs.

1.  Poached eggs served atop whole-grain toast and topped with roasted peppers

2.  Scrambled eggs prepared with baby spinach

3.  Herbed goat cheese omelette prepared with tarragon, parsley and low fat goat cheese

4.  Hard boiled eggs enjoyed as a quick snack with freshly ground black pepper

5.  Spinach and sundried tomato quiche

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